About Us

It’s no secret that the baby ride-on market has been at a standstill for years. A few brands have made small steps forward with superficial changes, but the overall designs are based on old thinking. Nobody seemed to know where to go next. As a result, many baby strollers and toddler trikes out there today are overpriced, outdated, made from cheap materials, or simply look rather dull and uninspiring.

So we spotted an opportunity to shake things up. We put on our white coats and set out to reinvent the wheel for the stroller industry. We started to ask questions like: What if a stroller provided more than one function? What if it lasted longer than a few seasons? What if we could make something that was educational for kids and practical for parents? Then, as if by magic, the answers began to come!

Our Big Idea

We created a whole new generation of multi-purpose products for the baby ride-on category that evolve with your little one from their very first baby steps all the way through to their toddler and preschool years. All our designs have one thing in common: they make life easier for mum and dad – and more fun for kids!

Strolly Bike

The Strolly Bike is a ride-on with a hidden twist. In their infant years, it functions as a baby stroller with a removable canopy and handy storage for trips around town and walks in the park. As they reach toddler stage, the frame converts into a parent-supported push trike, then a pedal trike, then pure balance bike in just a few clicks. This smart design adapts to your child’s ability, allowing you to let go in stages – pushing, guiding, then watching them ride – as they learn to balance and develop coordination.

  •      From baby ride-on to toddler trike to balance bike
  •      Improves physical development in three easy stages

Strolly Compact

The Strolly Compact is ideal for busy lifestyles. Designed for use on the go, this practical ride-on folds down in seconds for easy storage in the car or at home. The strong removable canopy is UV and weather resistant (another industry first!), easy to put up and down, and the slim profile features a colorful designer print. As your child finds their feet, the Strolly Compact transforms yet again into a toddler trike with a detachable parent handle to help them as they progress on three wheels.

  •      Folds down in seconds for easy storage on the go
  •      Removable UV and weather resistant canopy

Strolly Spin

The Strolly Spin is our sociable baby ride-on. Now you can quickly rotate the adjustable seat to face your child, so they’re never out of sight – whether it’s for practical parent tasks or just to pull funny faces and watch them smile back. As they grow up, the Strolly Spin easily converts into a safe and durable toddler push trike with a parent handle, then a classic pedal trike when they reach pre-school age.

  •      From baby ride-on to toddler pedal trike
  •      Adjustable seat spins for one-on-one face time

Why choose Strolly?

Innovative design

This is only the beginning, and we’ve already changed the definition of a baby ride-on. Along with many ‘industry firsts’, we’ve created a stylish product that is practical for parents and perfect for little ones, too. You’ll find features never before seen on a baby-ride on, turning a once cumbersome and unattractive product into something that’s a breeze to live with and that you’ll both love using every day.

Lasts longer

Our multi-functional products offer better value for money by developing with your child from when they are a baby right through to being a toddler and pre-schooler. They are designed to withstand the knocks and bumps of childhood, built from premium materials and ready to ride for several years to come. That’s a lot of boxes ticked, not to mention making your life much easier along the way.

Helps them learn

At their early years, children grow up fast and soon get bored without constant challenges to help them progress. Strolly keeps up with their development and encourages a strong ‘sense of self’ through healthy play. Instead of outgrowing their ride-on, now toddlers can continue to explore the world around them at their own pace with more independence – and you can share every achievement together.

Strolly – From Strolling to Rolling!